Best Things to Buy on the Sunshine Coast Australia

Tourism in Sunshine Coast Australia is inevitably associated with buying the best souvenirs and gifts from the shopping centres. Art and craft is the most attractive shopping option for buying authentic Australian products. Paintings, glass artefacts, and antique objects are available in plenty. Hand-woven baskets, porcelain, and wooden articles are also worth buying as gift objects.


Vertical perspectives of life and art get reflected on the large paintings by the Australian artists living in the Sunshine Coast. You can find the most attractive vintage oil paintings from the earliest 18th century to the 19th century. They depict the community life from the aborigines to the modern city dwellers. You may choose from the vast range of historical, cultural, social, and abstract ideas for your home walls. Prices are within the affordable range for the quality and mature depiction of life and arts.


Bush Jewellery is among the top list of gift objects to buy on the Sunshine Coast Australia. Necklaces with artistic pendants and finely crafted beads having thematic art are the main attractions. You can also find earrings, bangles, and other forms of body decorative jewellery. Ceramic, wood, silver, and other metal alloys are extensively used in making the jewellery.  

Aborigine woven baskets with twined and coiled designs are made of bamboo, coir, palm-fibre, and other natural materials. The rings at the core and spirals along the length and width create a unique feeling of Aborigine culture and traditions.

Dyeing is mostly done with the handmade natural dyes. The colours and tints are exclusively from the ancient and midlevel periods when the Aborigines had absolute control over the Australian towns and villages on the Sunshine Coast and surroundings.


Artefacts from the Aborigine era are the boomerangs; parrying shield, pottery, and carved-wd are some of the forms of artefacts you can find here. Carved boomerangs are the most colourful and finest designed artefacts. Besides, you can find plenty of totems, painted wooden objects, red-stones, pottery and other items. oo

Crafted Beer

Sunshine Coast has a large network of making the crafted beer with the authentic Australian taste and flavours. The beer and Cider festival in Sunshine Coast Australia is a large event, in which you can get to buy 100’s of beer types. You can buy them directly from the shops or order online for delivery at your home in your country.

Authentic Fabrics

Australian hat is the most attractive wearables you can find on the Sunshine Coast. The apparel consists of AKUBRA hats, T-shirts, singlets, UGG-boots, and foot-ball-jumper. Possum and animal skins were extensively used for making the traditional fabrics for men and women. Today, you can find the equivalent designs using artificial leather, cotton, and other synthetic fabrics.

Aboriginal Gold

Sunshine Coast is home to some of the native Aboriginal gold items from ancient history. Most of the old gold jewellery is made of the Gold-Rush time materials. They depict the images of the most authentic and local Australian arts on their exteriors, design, and constructions.

Tastiest Authentic Cuisines of the Sunshine Coast Australia

Sunshine Coast Australia is well known for its authentic cuisine all over the world. When you go to this place next time, you can try out some of the foods we have listed here. They are natural, green, and sometimes even wild. Many of them use herbs, oils, dairy products, cereals, nuts, and different forms of wine and spirits.

Native Beverages

The native Aboriginal beverages are non-alcoholic and alcoholic. Honey and garlic Moose is among the top. It consists of honey, garlic, soy sauce, and natural sweetening ingredients. It is a syrupy beverage consumed by the Aborigines almost every day. The other beverages are Aboriginal tea, coffee, and herbal preparations.

Wine is the most ancient native Australian drink in Sunshine Coast. Pinot-Gris and Viognier are among the top versions that are available today. There are more than 100s of species of trees and plants, whose parts are useful for the preparation of local wines.

Authentic Australian beer comes in many forms and flavours. ALE, draught, bitter, Pilsener, and Stout are some of the types you can taste in the cities and towns of Sunshine Coast Australia. Many of them have undergone changes in the ingredients through the ages until today.

Native Foods

The most popular Aboriginal cuisines are corn soup, bannock, Anti-Pasto, fish cakes, and Bush-Tucker. Fish and chips are the most widely used ingredients for the cuisines.

Lamington is a native Sunshine Coast recipe of a cake. It is made of egg, plain flour, butter, caster sugar, and grated coconut. Some of the flavours may also include meat. It is one of 6the most favourite among the native Australians here. The modern recipes have added other flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc.

Lamb-Leg is one of the best meat foods from Sunshine Coast. They roast it and garnish with the spices and salt. Baked potatoes and lime may be added to increase the deliciousness and flavour.

Fish with chips is the other native Sunshine Coast food. It is made of sea and sweet water fish that are available on the Sunshine Coast areas. It is garnished with onion, lime, and pepper along with salt.

King, tiger, and banana are the three main types of prawns available on the Sunshine Coast. There are also other types which are used to prepare the native Australian cuisines in this part. Some of the best recipes are cocktail, salad, LAKSA Skewers, baked-rice-and prawn, lettuce-prawn mix, Papaya prawn mix, and many others.

Kangaroo meat is used to prepare many types of cuisines from ROO-VINDALOO, veggie-mix, KANGA-Curry, and burgers to the steaks and mushroom mixes. You may not be able to find them in every restaurant you visit on the Sunshine Coast, but there are many restaurants that have specialized in the art of kangaroo meat cuisines.

Quality and Price

The price tag that comes with the most delicious and hygienic Sunshine Coast foods and beverages is variable. You can find the most luxurious restaurants and the family-owned restaurants which offer authentic Australian food and beverages at affordable prices.