Best Tourist Spots to Visit at the Sunshine Coast Australia

Sea Life

The most attractive place to start your tourism journey is the sunshine coast beach. The sea life aquarium is very exciting for the kids and adults alike. You can explore the vast range of sea-dwelling species from seals to turtles, seahorses, sharks, and colourful fish and more.

The most stunning feature of the Sea Life is the themed zones. There are 11 of them in here, which will take you days to explore. There are daily presentations with the most popular marine mammals. The seal is the top among them. They are so friendly, that you can hold them in your arms for taking photographs and selfie. The guides over here can help your children through the educational tour.

Sea Urchins are the other major attraction in Sea Life. The sea stars with sharp spikes on their body present the most beautiful and stunning combinations of colours.  Guided tours are available for school children, families and tourists every day.

You can also get involved in protecting the marine life of Sunshine Coast Australia through sponsored programs. There are plenty of things to learn about the unique lives of the species and why some of them are facing the threat of extinction.

Australia Zoo

It is time to explore the land-dwelling species in Sunshine Coast Australia. Kangaroo is the most popular animal here. They are everywhere in the zoo, roaming around freely. Your family can interact with them, take the selfie, and share your favourite fruits. It is the most de-stressing experience which will also take you close to nature and its magnificent creations.

The English language guided tours around the Australia Zoo start at 8:45 in the morning. There is a special coach with the most comfortable seats and modern facilities.

Crocodiles are the next friendliest species you can find here. Feeding sessions are the top tourist attractions where you can go very close to them and watch the demonstrations. There are many other species like the Panda, tiger, and other wild land-dwelling animals.

Theme Parks

If you want to enjoy a safe adventure with your family and children the Sunshine Coast Australia theme parks are the best places. Technology has manifested itself in various forms of the roller coaster, revolving platforms, jumpers, swingers, and much more adventurous equipment.

Theme parks offer you the tastiest and best quality foods and beverages. You can eat and drink to your heart’s contentment at the most affordable prices.


The beaches around Sunshine Coast Australia are the safest and most enjoyable places for your family. Take the sea rides to explore marine life in their natural habitats. Large private sea boats and charters can take to the deepest parts of the seas. Enjoy fishing and diving expeditions with the help of trained guides.

If you are not adventurous, the beach offers plenty of other entertaining and camping options. Stay overnight and enjoy the most delicious Australian cuisines with the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages you can find in Australia. You will relish your experience at Sunshine Coast.…